Fanny’s Ford trail is a very small loop trail accessed off the eastern corner of the Cox Mountain Trail – follow those directions to get here.

For such a short trail, it CAN be confusing, but as long as you realize there is a mid-trail bisecting it to access the Campsites 1 though 5, you should find it all right. It can also be accessed by parking at the middle parking area between the rnger station and the end of the loop parking lot off Cole Mill Road.

Fording the Eno River at Fews Ford is seldom an issue, even at high water. This used to be a major ford point in the historic road systems of Durham.

You may also access it by fording the river at Fanny’s Ford, but it is harder to find, and is usually deeper there. Stick to Fews Ford. If you are camping – I like site #5, closer to the river, and closer to the outhouse… which may not be a plus if things are busy.