The GRAND ENO RIVER TRAIL is a 25 mile (or more depending on optional hikes) combination of several established trails and a short 2.5 mile bushwhack that is not sanctioned by any of the organizations responsible for the trails, such as the Eno River Association, the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, the Eno River State Park, or the City of Durham Parks and Recreation, who maintain these public lands. Each of these organizations serve a valuable purpose in protecting these trails and public lands, and are commended for their efforts. This site is in no way connected to any of these organizations, though your support of them is highly recommended.


Drop off on Dumont Dr, to Fanny Ford Campsites: 2.4 mi
(If using Outhouse Ford – add about half mile if using Fews Ford, and another mile if crossing the river on the Suspension Bridge))
Fanny Ford Camps to various evening hikes: 2.6 mi (Optional – Suggest Cox Mountain Trail)
Total from Trailhead to Fanny Ford Camp: 5.0 mi (add more if you wandered further your first night in camp)

Fanny Ford Camps to Pleasant Green Road: 3.6 mi
Pleasant Green to Optional Southern Power Cooling Pond and back: 0.6 mi
Pleasant Green Rd to Quarry: 1.5 mi
CounterClockwise around Quarry to Rhodes Creek Crossing: 0.3 mi
Clockwise around Quarry to Rhodes Creek Crossing: 0.2 mi
Quarry to Piper Creek Campsites: 1.8 mi
Total from Fanny Ford Campsite to Piper Creek Camp: 8.0 mi

Piper Creek Campsites to Cole Mill Road: 1.8 mi
Cole Mill Rd to Guess Road:3.3 mi
Optional Saw Mill trail to Dam and back: 0.6 mi
Guess Road to Roxboro Rd: 1.7 mi
Roxboro Rd to Old Oxford Rd: 4.6 mi
Piper Creek Camp to Old Oxford Road (Penny’s Bend Parking): 11.6 mi

Beyond Pennys Bend on the MST:
Old Oxford Road to Rollingview Campground: 22 mi
Rollingview Campground to Shinleaf Campground: 14 mi