SECTION FOUR: At a point just upriver from Guess Road, you will see the old Dam for Guess Mill. There are good rocks in the river for a rest here. On the opposite Bank is the Saw Mill Trail, which you will have an option to explore after you’ve crossed Guess Road. But prior to crossing Guess Road on this side of the river, you will walk down the old Head Race for the Mill, then see some old mill remnants, before having to climb steps to the Guess Road roadbed. CAREFULLY cross this road – it is a 4-lane divided primary road. Take the shoulder on the far side, and cross to the north side of the bridge.Once on the north side, you’ll see a one-story ranch house on the far bank on your right. This is the headquarters for the Eno River Association. Feel free to knock on the door for trail advice, buy a T-Shirt and leave a donation – these people do excellent work! This is also a point where you have a few options;

  1. Drop packs and re-cross Guess Road, bushwhacking along the northern bank headed upriver, back to the old Mill Dam. There is a visible trail along the river, but it is unmarked. At one point, you hit a creek that you may need to go upcreek a bit before you cross. There is a footbridge if the water is high, otherwise, just cross the creek on rocks. The trail continues beyond the dam, but peters out. Use CAUTION if you venture out onto the remnant of this dam, as the footings are dangerous, pockmarked, and dangerous! I’d suggest you just go back to your packs; or
  2. Go to the rear of the ERA parking lot and find the trailhead for the Eagle Trail – it is a nice wide trail into the forest, giving you a break from the river’s edge for a while. Watch for the Blue and White Blazes; or
  3. Scramble down to the river’s edge from the ERA front door, and rejoin the MST at the river, turning left downriver.

Further downriver, the Eagle Trail joins the MST for the continuation downriver. Continue on the north bank, downriver on the Eagle/MST trail to Sennett’s Hole. You’ll read more on this feature on the Sennett Hole Trail page. (Just read the history – the directions are for the trail on the south bank.) Beyond that, as you approach Roxboro Rd. and the still functioning West Point Dam (still out of sight), you’ll see signs for the trail vearing off to the left. Its unnofficial, but I’d continue on the social trail that follows the riverbank all the way to the dam. Great pictures! It will require a small creek ford just beyond it, but it is usually passable. You’re old pro’s at fording creeks by now! (And to be blunt – river crossings don’t become scary until they are mid-thigh and rushing!). The riverbank social trail will rejoin the main Eagle trail at the paved walkway leading to the steel suspension bridge just prior to Roxboro Road. If you have time, drop your packs in a safe hiding place, and cross the Pedestrian Bridge to the City of Durham’s West Point on the Eno rich in history. To extend your hike a bit more, consider taking the South River or Buffalo Trails out to the Sennetts Hole trail on this side of the river.There are plenty of things to do/see here. There is no Camping at this park.