The Kings Highway Park is a City of Hillsborough Park, located on Ben Johnson Road at the location where the city operates a reservoir for the City’s water supply. There is a dirt road pulloff for parking, and trails run on both sides of the road. The trails are not well blazed and often overgrown but easy enough to follow. It basically makes a large loop encompassing both sides of the road. If you are adventurous, cross north of the Southern Railway Tracks and head north to find the well-secreted Quarry where all of Duke University’s Stone for their buildings have been quarried since the 1930’s. It is officially part of Duke Forest and not indicated on maps. It is also labeled as not open to the public on some University maps, but no signs I found indicate it as being closed to the public. It is easily found on Google Aerial Maps found here: – pan out from this closeup, and find Kings Highway Park south of it. Hundreds of Pallets of Blue Duke Stone is staged for delivery, with open veins of stone seen in the hillsides. Makes for a fun bushwhack.