Trails in the PENNY’S BEND AREA are accessed from the parking area located at the southwest corner of Old Oxford Road, at Snow Camp Road, which is south of the far eastern end of Infinity Road. Park in that lot and go to the northwest corner to access the trails. There is a very short river access trail leading straight south, used mostly for fishing. These trails are located on U.S. Corps of Engineers property, and are not quite as developed, or blazed, as the other trails on the Eno. The Riverbend Trail completely circumnavigates this large elbow bend in the Eno River. The Ridge Trail (at Penny’s Bend – as opposed to the trail of the same name in the Cole Mill Area) cuts down the middle of the bend on high ground, and joins with Riverbend Trail as it runs upriver on the Eno on the western side of the tract. The Durham City Park’s RIVER FOREST Trail is rather unmaintained and unblazed, although some white MST blazes are beginning to crop up. This tril is accesses from the Pedestrian Crosswalk Bridge over the Eno immediately west of Guess Road from within the West Point on the Eno Park. You will find an access under this bridge, and under the Guess Road Bridge, leading downstream though the City Park, essentisally a thin ribbon of city land on the rivers edge. There are still a few sections which require a ford across large creeks, making this not quite usable yet, until the MST completes these sections. See our separate section on how the (future) Mountains-to-Sea Trail traverses this section.


Currently there is none. Eventually, you could continue onto the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and through the largely unmaintained River Forest City Park all the way to Roxboro Road – might be a year or more away from completion.

All trails marked with an asterisk (*) require access to it from another trail. Consult the maps to determine how best to reach this trail, or read the trail description for options and recommended combined trails. Mileages given here ADD to the distance required to access the trail from another.