South River Trail is a hike along the Bluffs overlooking the Eno, but it sweeps up and down so you often come down to the river edge. It is covered in Mountain Laurel, so be sure to come in the Spring.

It starts a bit beyond the dam, near the handwheels for the Head Race Overflow gates, and climbs uphill or, if you went down the Buffalo Trail, it intersects both it and Sennett’s Hole at Warren Creek.

About halfway, near a wooden bench, look for a side trail headed deeper into the woods. This is the short Laurel Bluffs Trail, and leads to the Buffalo Spur, which takes you to that trail.

Before your hike, be sure to stop at the Laurel Bluffs Trailhead, the center trailhead in a series of three along the parking areas of the West Point. They usually offer you trailguides to go along with the numbered signposts.

If you have time and inclination to do all these trails in one hike, I’d start at the Buffalo Trail, extend it to Sennett’s Hole, double back to the creek and do the South River Trail to the Mill, take the pedestrian bridge over to the north side and do as much of the Eagle as you want, all the way to the end if you can, and loop back on the river-edge portion of the MST. Continue back onto the South River again, and curve back on the Laurel Bluffs, Buffalo Spur and Buffalo Trails back to your car. About 5.5 or 6.0 miles depending on your level of exploration along the way.