I've been known to wander a mile or two in the woods around the Eno River. I can get to the river's edge within a mile of my front door, and do so often. An ametuer photographer with an eye toward the scenery provided by nature, I've compiled my better hikes into Photo Essays on the following pages. Hope you enjoy them. - Jay
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April 6, 2012: Four Hikes in One I take pictures along four consecutive daily hikes along the Eno - a total of about 12 miles.
March 24, 2012: Grand Eno Trail A shortened version of the GRAND ENO RIVER TRAIL - started out as a good hike, made it past bedtime, but the skies opened and rained all night, all the next morning, and threatened Tornados until 11pm the second night. We opted out after about 8 miles in a respite from the rain mid-afternoon. To be repeated this summer sometime...
February 18, 2012: Buckquarter Creek A short hike to the Cole Cabins on Buckquarter and Ridge Trails in the middle of the Daffodil season.
January 25, 2012: Little River Regional Park 5 mile hike in the Little River Regional Park in northern Durham/Orange County.
January 21, 2012: Triple Trail in the rain We take in the final 3 trails that Will hadn't done yet on the Eno...in the rain. Eagle Trail, Penny's Bend Trails and Sawmill Trail.
January 8, 2012: The Other Side of Occoneechee Mountain Being the Occoneechee Mountain Trail is a Loop Trail around it, you'd think there IS NO other side - you'd be wrong. Follow our bushwhack off-trail, all inside the park. Well, mostly inside the Park!
January 6, 2012: Dumont Trail Bushwhack Will and I head out to confirm some theory's about bushwhacking the social trails west of Cox Mountain and Holden's Mill.
December 30, 2011: Cox Mtn to PG Bushwhack Will and I explore the bushwhack between the Cox Mountain area and Pleasant Green Road.
December 24, 2011: Sennett's Hole Kim and I take a short hike on the Buffalo, South River and Sennett's Hole Trails.
December 21, 2011: Rainy Day Hike It's been raining for the entire day... time to go for a hike and see the river rise.
December 19, 2011: Plant a Tree Volunteers take part in a Stewardship Workday planting trees and shrubs in a lowlying area on the bank of the East Fork of the Eno River, northwest of Hillsborough, NC.
December 18, 2011: Power Station to Cole Mill A 4.5 mile hike starting from the Southern Energy Company (Duke Power) abandoned Power Station near Pleasant Green Road, east to Cole Mill Road, following the Mountains-to-Sea Trails, Quarry Trail, Cabe Land Trail, Laurel Bluffs Trail.
November 18, 2011: Hike with Will A long-awaited hike with my buddy Will, who I've known for over 30 years now, where we planned to walk the MST and assorted trails from Cabe Lands to Roxboro Road - about 10 miles.
October 12, 2011: West Point hike A Rainy Day Hike on the Eno. What started on the Cabe Lands and Quarry Trail, ended up on the Buffalo and South River Trails in West Point - I was having too much fun in the rain to quit!
August 9-18, 2012: Yellowstone Backpacking
I've been hired to guide a Yellowstone Backpacking trip to one of the most spectacular natural areas in Yellowstone's backcountry - Bechler River Gorge. Involves 2 nights at Old Faithful Inn to acclimate to the 7000 foot elevations, then a 6-day, 5 night backpacking trip of about 40 miles, and a final night (or two) back at Old Faithful. I've done this hike in various forms 6 times and know the area and this hike very well. A total of 8 maximum are permitted, with 4 persons already committed - we're looking for 4 more. Costs will be $1175 and includes the accommodations, rental vehicles, gas, permits, entrance fees, trail meals, and guiding fee. All other costs are additional, (flights, pre/post hike meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc.) This is a great opportunity to get exposed to one of the Nation's premier backcountry hiking areas, hassle-free and with a guide who used to work inside Yellowstone. We'll also do some touristy stuff during acclimation. Contact me for more information. - Jay

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