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The Confluence Area is a newly acquired 180+ acre tract of land at the confluence of the East and West Eno River forks of the Eno River, north of Hillsborough. At this time, no trails are active. There is active work being done on the Confluence, and you are encouraged to get involved in the work efforts to bring this section of the upper Eno into the trails system of the Eno River. Eventually, plans are to use this area for events, once trails are laid out and constructed, and (unfortunately) the existing structures are removed.

I took part in an Eno River Stewardship Workday on the Confluence Section of the Eno in 2011, planting trees and shrubs on a low-lying area of the property, near the East Fork of the Eno and present it in Slideshow format in my TRAIL JOURNALS. CLICK HERE to see it. Since then I have taken on the role as Volunteer Land Steward for this property on behalf of the Eno River Association in an effort to develop it into a Nature Preserve.

If you are interested in helping develop this Nature Preserve, CONTACT me.

NOTE: This area is CLOSED to the public - do not trespass without escort. I will, from time to time, be calling for Volunteer Workdays on this property in an effort to develop it. If you wish an escorted tour of the property, CONTACT me.

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