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Trails in the COX MOUNTAIN AREA are generally accessed from parking areas at the very end of Cole Mill Road, northwest of the intersection where it crosses Pleasant Green Road. Three separate parking areas exist inside the Eno River State Park on Cole Mill Rd., the Ranger Station, the upper parking area immediately past the Ranger Station, and the loop parking area at the very end. To the left of the Ranger Station is a trail that heads to the Eno River. From there, or the more convenient and preferred upper parking area just to the left (southwest) of that, you'll hit Few's Ford. Buckquarter Creek Trail climbs up the ridge upriver from there, leaves the river and follows an old roadbed to a point where the Ridge Trail splits off to the right. Ridge Trail meets the Knight Trail and Shakori Trail up Buckquarter Creek. At Buckquarter Creek, (also accessed on the return section of the Buckquarter Creek Trail that runs directly along the river) there is a small footbridge to the Holden Mill Trail, and a short extension to the old mill remnants. There is also a self-named and unblazed access to the west end of Holden Mill Trail called Dumont Trail found off Dumont Rd. If you park at the very end of Cole Mill at the loop parking area, you more easily access the short Eno Trace Trail, and the swinging cable bridge to Cox Mountain Trail and Fanny Ford Trail. The 5 backcountry campsites located in this area are on the Fanny Ford Trail. ( * = See Below.)
DUMONT TRAIL: NOTE: All trails marked with an asterisk (*) require access to it from another trail. Consult the maps to determine how best to reach this trail, or read the trail description for options and recommended combined trails. Mileages given here ADD to the distance required to access the trail from another.
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The DUMONT TRAIL is a self-named trail that is quite evident but un-blazed. It is accessed at the Eno River State Park road entrance found at the corner of Dumont Rd and Oak Knob Drive. Dumont Drive, which is found between Lawrence Rd and Pleasant Green Rd on St. Mary Rd. makes a sharp corner at that intersection, with the park gate angling off where they meet with enough room to park, but I'd suggest a drop-off here. If you do park, leave room for a Park Ranger's vehicle to get through. Follow the old dirt fire road south, it goes down at first, but then turns uphill to the left. Where you come to a fork in the road, the straight-ahead fork goes another 200 yards and ends at an old house foundation - mothing much else. The right fork, leads you downhill to the river. At the river turn left and follow the riverbank to a point where it connects with Holden's Mill Trail. None of these trails have established names, so lacking evidence of names not yet uncovered, I am calling the trail from the parking lot, to the river, and then left to Holden's Mill, the Dumont Trail. This could be a shorter access to the old Holden Mill, and is also the beginning of the GRAND ENO RIVER BACKPACKING TRAIL.

CAUTION: All trails involving what I'm calling bushwhacks, are not sanctioned by the State Parks or Eno River Association authorities, but being Public Lands on State Property, are accessible to the public for exploration. These trails are NOT patrolled or maintained. Use at your own risk with a hiking buddy.

Map of this Eno River Trail

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